Frequently Asked Questions

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Order process

Yoepplanter is a Dutch webshop where you can order multiple products concerning planters and accessories. In this topic we will explain our ordering process to prevent any misunderstandings about all steps and choices in the ordering process.

You can place orders 24/7 and the webshop never closes! Easy, comfortable and profitable. Are you looking for a product? Please use the navigation on the left side of the shop to see all products in different categories. In all these categories you can easily filter the products to get a clear overview.

Shopping cart overview

When you click the shopping cart icon in the header you will see an overview from your order and it gives you the possibility to add or remove products from your order. If you are sure about your selected products you can here confirm the order and go to the next step in the ordering process.

Invoice / shipping information

In this step you will have to fill in your payment and shipping details. Also you can specify a different shipping address which differs from the invoice address. If there’s any additional information needed to process your order (for example specific information concerning the shipping address) you can add this in the ‘Comments’ field.

After completing this step you can continue to the payment section.

Payment options

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • iDEAL
  • Paypal
  • Creditcard

Finalize order

In this step we have summarized all your order details and you can do a final check if everything is ok. You will have to tick the checkbox saying that you will agree to the Yoepplanter terms and conditions. If you want to read the terms and conditions you can click on the link on the bottom of our site.

Next you can place your order, depending on the payment method you chose you will be redirected to the payment environment where you can complete the payment. You will be automatically redirected back to the Yoepplanter website.

After completing the payment you will receive a confirmation mail which means that we have received your order. We will process your order ship the order to you with a safe and secure package carrier.



Items can be returned within 14 days after receipt

With multiple deliveries, this 14 days will start as you receive the last item from your order.

General Return Policies

* Items should be unused, complete, in original condition, be returned in original packaging (including any plastic cover or bag).

* In case of damage or missing items depreciation will be charged.

Returns through PostNL (Cost for own account)

You can return your items to Yoepplanter B.V. via post or package services. Returning a package will be at your own costs.

* You can send your package to: Yoepplanter B.V. Lieshoutseweg 48a, 5735 BE AARLE-RIXTEL

* Drop off your package at a post office or package service

* Save the Track & Trace number to track your package.

* Once the order is received back you will receive a confirmation email


The money is transferred within 5 working days from the time your return is processed, or at least 14 days from the time Yoepplanter has been informed of the revocation of your purchase.

Credit card

  • The purchase amount will automatically be refunded to your credit card account.


  • The purchase amount will automatically be refunded to the relevant account.


  • The purchase amount will automatically be refunded to the panpal account using.

Will I get my shipping charges when returning?

If you have paid for shipping, you will get it back when an item is damaged during shipment, incorrectly delivered or not delivered properly in a different way. Shipping costs will be credited in the payment of your purchase.

Legal guarantee

When purchasing items in the Yoepplanter webshop, the statutory warranty applies. Legal guarantee means that the product has to comply to what the consumer may expect reasonably from it. There is no legal time limit attached to this guarantee because it is different for each product that the consumer may expect.

Complaints procedure

While we try our best to process your order as fast and properly as possible it can occur that you have a complaint. If that’s the case we recommend you to contact us by the contact form on this website or by calling the phone number below. If you want to sent us a written complaint this will be possible to the address below. We will try to get back to you as fast as possible (for written complaints this can take up to 14 days).

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint you can submit it to the ‘Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel’ Postbus 90600, 2509 LP Den Haag.


Yoepplanter Bv (K.v.k. 65370562), im Folgenden Yoepplanter gewährt hiermit die Zugang zu und lädt Sie aus dem Angebot zu kaufen. Yoepplanter behält sich dabei das Recht vor, jederzeit Teile des Inhalts zu ändern oder zu entfernen, ohne über sein mit Kommunikation zu tun haben.

Yoepplanter bemüht, so oft wie möglich, den Inhalt der Website und / oder Ergänzung zu aktualisieren. Speziell für Preise und andere Informationen über die Produkte auf der Website unterliegen Programmierung und Tippfehler zu manifestieren. Sie können auf der Grundlage solcher Fehler behauptet, keine Vereinbarung mit Yoepplanter.

Alle geistigen Eigentumsrechte über dieses Materials liegen in Yoepplanter und seine Lizenzgeber. Die Vervielfältigung, Verbreitung und jede Art der Verwertung dieser Materialien ist ohne schriftliche Zustimmung von Yoepplanter verboten, außer und nur in dem Umfang, in Regelungen des gesetzlich zwingend vorgeschrieben (wie Recht zu zitieren), wenn nicht anders in bestimmten Materialien angegeben.

Dieser Haftungsausschluss kann von Zeit zu Zeit ändern.