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About the Yoepplanter

Yoepplanter is the new planter that is completely customizable, easy to move and invinsible! Because of it’s patented design and build-in wheels you can easily move your plants anywhere you want and connect the planter to other planters! To complete the planter, there are lots of accessories for the Yoepplanter.

Easy to move, Customizable and lots of Accessories

Yoepplanter Basisbak
Yoepplanter Gesublimeerd
Yoepplanter Bench

Easy to Move

Compared with an usual planter, the Yoepplanter has an unique design with promising and groundbreaking features.

The Yoepplanter is easy movable even with 2 or more planters connected to each other with our couplers. Because of the Yoepplanter’s modular design you can easy connect multiple planter’s to create a larger whole.

Another possibility is to heighten the planter.
To create a pole, make it a christmastree stand or a parasol support will be possible in a period of time.

Print & Materials

Because of the Yoepplanter’s ingenious design, it’s possible to completely customize the planters by using the different possibilities of the panels.

The panels can be made of all different materials, the panels can be printed with a photo, picture, text or even a logo. You can order the panels in every color you want.

Because of the modular design it is possible to use panels from different materials. As you can see in the webshop there are steel, wood and plastic panels.


Because of the Yoepplanter’s ingenious design it’s possible to add multiple accessories on your own Yoepplanter.

LED : For lighting purposes it is possible to use movement sensors combined with LED strip lighting in the Yoepplanter. These LED strips can even be powered by solar energy with built in Solar strips.

Spots : In combination with a movement sensor, spots can be attached on the Yoepplanter to provide great lighting of your plant(s).

Electronics : Electronic accessories, such as a built in speaker or an USB connection are possibilities. The unique beginning of a new garden experience starts with this plastic mobile planter. A patented planter that is durable, robust, weather resistant and on wheels.