Easy to move, customizable and connectable

Yoepplanter: The Multifunctional Planter

Yoepplanter is the new planter that can be fully personalized, easily moved and indestructible. Thanks to its patented design, the Yoepplanter is easily movable and connectable to other Yoepplanters. To complete the planter there are many accessories that can be used with the Yoepplanter.

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What makes the Yoepplanter so unique?

Easy to move

Because of the invisible wheels the Yoepplanter is very easy to move, even when it’s filled with plants and its very heavy.


The Design of the Yoepplanter makes it possible to connect it very easily to other Yoepplanters or Yoepplanter accessories.


We are constantly developing new accessories for the Yoepplanter. Currently we already have a connectable bank and lightning options.

Multiple materials

The outside of the Yoepplanter is made of changeable panels. These panels are available in Wood, Steel and Plastic materials.


Besides the different materials that are available for the panels it’s possible to print your own photo or logo on the panel to make it even more personal.

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Your Own Easy Planter


The unique beginning of a new garden experience starts with this plastic mobile base tray. A patented planter that is durable, robust and weather-resistant. You are amazed what you can do more with this well-thought-out Yoep planter.

Family company

What our customers think

Beautiful planter with steel panels. I like that its usable in my house as well as outside in my garden. The build in wheels are fantastic when i need to move my plants.

AnneInterieur Architect

The Yoepplanter is perfect for our company. While entering the office the Yoepplanter is there with our logo printed on the panels, a perfect welcome! It’s a real eye-catcher.

GeriBusiness Manager

This Yoepplanter is not only a beautiful planter it’s also very easy to use. There is much attention spent to the design and finishing of the product. For me it’s definitely a must have.


Upcoming features

We keep developing our Yoepplanter with new features and accessories. Soon it will be possible to print your own panels with a personal photo or company logo.

Delivery costs

The standard delivery fee is €6,95 and free for orders over €50,-. Delivery to other countries contact us for information.

More information

Would you like to have more information about the Yoepplanter, your order or do you have other questions? Please use our contact form here. We will try to reply within 24 hours.