Yoepplanter Base Planter


The start of an all new garden experience begins with this all new plastic movable base planter. It is made from highly durable plastic. Due to the fact we use this durable plastic it can absorb many beatings. The 100mm wheels with a 12mm axle are so robust that they can even overcome a threshold.

The Yoepplanter has many more to offer, the base planter is nestable which means (if empty) that the planters fit in all. If nested, the planters will not take much space. The Yoepplanter has a modular design, this means that you can easily connect 2 or more planters with our couplers. With this coupler it is a simple and fun exercise to redesign your terrace within minutes. Because 2 or 3 connected planters contain multiple wheels it’s very easy to rearrange. Creating space for a party takes just a minute.

We even came up with a solution for terraces on a slope or very uneven paving. You can click-on 2 adjustable feet on your base planter. Just adjust the height and you are finished.
All our modular products such as a wooden bench or a plant wall for climbing plants can be found at our accessories. Every day we keep adding new features for your Yoepplanter.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

Frost resistant

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